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  • Dimming Glass Structure & Characteristics

    AoHong Smart dimming glass not only has the characteristics of safety glass, but also has the privacy protection function to control the transparency of the glass. When it is powered on, it can be transparent and can see all the opposites through the glass. When the power is turned off, the light is not transparent and does not affect the indoor light. , but also completely protect your personal privacy.

  • Way to Prevent Float Glass From Weathering

    Glass mold has always been an industry problem. Glass mildew (ie, anti-alkali) chemical reaction occurs, changing the surface properties of glass. Under the irradiation of sunlight, rainbow, mold, watermark, mimeograph, and paper pattern appear on the surface.

  • Clear Float Glass VS Ultra Clear Float Glass

    Glass decoration is indispensable, in which the most basic is the doors and windows, there are many kinds of glass, ordinary glass, art glass, tempered glass, and so varied, then we know more about ultra-white glass and float glass?

  • Ultimate Temperature Test of Tempered Glass

    Tempered glass self-explosionoccurred in summer. Why is that? What is the connection between self-explosion and temperature? Let's make a limit high temperature test for tempered glass.

  • What function does the glass curtain wall have?

  • What is the role of partition glass doors?

    Partition glass doors, perfect kitchen space design elements, the best use of partitions is to make a perfect distinction between space, separate kitchen and dining room, smoke and living room, guest room and master room, rational use of the area, like between the partition and non-separation , is the highest state of patchwork.

  • Tempered glass, laminated glass, insulating glass which is better?

    Some glass doors and windows are often used in the home improvement process. Because the requirements of each owner are different, glass doors and windows are also rich in material selection, so that the glass doors and windows installed in their homes can be used for heat insulation and absorption. The sound function, toughened glass, laminated glass, hollow glass which is better?

  • What to do with moisture in the double glass?

    With the improvement of people's living standards, many families will choose to install double-glazing in the home improvement. It has better sound insulation and thermal insulation than ordinary glass. However, after a period of use, many users have noticed that water vapor is trapped in the middle of double glass.

  • New Product Application of Dimming Glass

    How to rationally design the bathroom, whether it is visually or actually to make space no longer so narrow, no longer be a lonely shower room!

  • Building new energy-saving glass

    Low-E triple-chamber two-chamber hollow glass, also known as infrared shielding glass, is the top-level and energy-saving product in Low-E coated glass. It is coated with a layer of silver and other metal substances on the inner surface of hollow glass. Hollow glass formed. Because the glass surface is coated with a metal film, it has extremely high transmittance for visible light and high reflectivity for infrared light. It can filter sunlight into a cold light source.

  • Painted Glass , New Color

    Painted glass is generally divided into: paint spray glass and colored glazed glass. In color glazed glass, it is divided into low temperature colored glazed glass and high temperature colored glazed glass. Paint-sprayed glass, when used, is colorful, mostly monochromatic or partially colored with multiple layers of saturated color. It is commonly used indoors.

  • 2022 Global Silk Screen Glass Market Forecast

    With the slowdown of world economic growth, the silk screen glass industry has also suffered a certain impact, but still maintained a relatively optimistic growth trend. The size of the silk screen glass market has maintained an average annual growth rate of 5.79% over the past four years. The market value increased from $435 million in 2014 to $515 million in 2017. According to industry experts, the market size of silk screen glass will be further expanded in the next few years.

  • How to distinguish between AG glass and AR glass ?

    This retractable glass sunroof can be retracted with a push button drive. Not only is it simple to operate, it also allows light to enter the room to enhance visibility and safety in the room.

  • Is bulletproof glass different from tempered glass? Can bulletproof glass be tempered?

    In recent years, people's living standards have increased rapidly, and higher requirements have been placed on the performance of glass materials. In order to enhance the safety and artistry of glass, manufacturers have introduced a number of new glass products with powerful functions. Next, please see the difference between bulletproof glass and tempered glass. Whether the bulletproof glass can be tempered and understand its related information.

  • Energy-saving glass is suitable for all weather

    In combination with building codes and consumer demand for high-performance materials, architects should not only pay attention to the aesthetics of the products but also how to reduce the energy consumption of buildings when selecting glass products.

  • Introduction to curved tempered glass

    Curved tempered glass means that the original piece of glass is heated by a tempering furnace and conveyed to the forming tempering section through a ceramic roller or asbestos roller (generally an adjustable single-curved curved shape, mostly at both ends), firstly forming the upper and lower rolls The road is bent to make the softened glass into an arc, and then the windshield between the rollers is cooled and tempered.

  • Germany launches the first solar bicycle lane

    Germany's first solar bicycle track was recently opened in the western North Rhine-Westphalia city of Efstadt. Solar power can be used for lighting, monitoring and winter ice melting of bicycle lanes, and excess power can even be integrated into local power grids.

  • New float glass with high light transmission and high heat performance

    A piece of glass with a thickness of 6 mm and a pale blue luster has no film or any obstruction. It can block 90% of infrared light under strong sunlight, while maintaining a high transmittance of 70%. .... Reporter saw in the laboratory of Nanjing Anda Glass Technology Co., Ltd.

  • Australian shopping mall glass door turned into solar power equipment

    For the first time in the world, a shopping mall in Western Australia used an energy experiment to replace the glass at the entrance to its shopping center with a completely transparent solar power plant.

  • How many kinds of soundproof glass? What is the difference between them?

    With the continuous development of the society, technology is more and more developed, but the pollution generated is also increasing. Not only environmental pollution, but also noise pollution. Noise pollution is even more pronounced in urban traffic. In order to solve this problem, acoustic glass is the choice of noise-contaminated households. Everyone will definitely ask what is the effect of the soundproof glass?